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Our Watershed

Habitat and inhabitants – all living things need a home. The place a plant or animal lives is called its habitat. A healthy habitat provides food, water, shelter and space. Laguna Creek’s ecosystem provides habitat for many living things including fish living in the water, and birds and animals that need both the water and the creekside trees and plants to survive. For some, stream habitat conditions like those along Laguna Creek are the only places they can survive.

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The Council

The Laguna Creek Watershed Council is a diverse group of watershed residents, community group leaders, and local government agency representatives founded in 2002 and established as a 501(c)3 in 2008. Read more…

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Creek Care

Since so much creekside property is in private ownership, much of the responsibility for the health of the creek and the survival of creek-dependent wildlife lies with you, the creekside resident or business. While a property along a healthy creek has many benefits, a degraded creek causes problems for all its neighbors. The Creek Care Guide is designed to encourage and support the ongoing stewardship of creeks in the Laguna Creek Watershed.
NEW – Living Rivers of the Sacramento Valley.

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Sac Valley CNPS Friday Walk


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Watershed Volunteer Program

Learn more about involvement opportunities through the Watershed Volunteer Program and sign up to volunteer. Read More…

Event Calendar

Check our Event Calendar for activities that promote a healthy Watershed.

Support the Laguna Creek Watershed Council

Your Donation to support the all-volunteer Laguna Creek Watershed Council would be greatly appreciated! Donations are accepted on-line or by check on the Donations page.

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Vision for a Regional Trail System

Today’s Laguna Creek Parkway is a system of existing and proposed trails envisioned to connect the Sacramento Levee trail system to the American River Parkway via the Laguna Creek corridor and the Folsom South Canal.

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