Great Sierra River Clean Up a Huge Success

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Great Sierra River Clean Up a Huge Success

About 45 people gathered on Saturday, September 19 at the North Laguna Creek Wildlife Area to pull out hundreds of pounds of trash. Included in the haul were bicycle frames, 2 fire extinguishers, 1 large metal No U Turn sign, a smartphone, 2 metal orange and white traffic calming pyramids, 300 or more plastic bottles, hundreds of cigarette filters, dozens of glass bottles, and tires of all sizes and a shopping cart. What a haul!!

It was a great time to have a clean up because the creek had little water in it, permitting volunteers to reach areas that are otherwise hard to access. So a lot of the trash was ‘exposed’ due to the drought. Removing it now will not only get the trash out of Laguna Creek, but will prevent it from reaching the California coast and the Pacific Ocean.

The Environmental Club of Cosumnes Oaks H.S. and the LCWC thanks all of the volunteers for their great work. Volunteers came from many of the local high schools including Franklin, Cosumnes Oaks, and Monterey Trails, from CSU Sacramento, from the Bodhi Temple, a Buddhist temple in Elk Grove, as well as a nice group of neighbors and local residents. Thanks to everyone!!


Due to the drought, 3 volunteers were able to access portions of the creek otherwise inaccessible:

3 students in creek GSRC 2015

Members of the Bodhi Temple came out in full force:

Bodhi Temple members GSRC 2015

Professor Reede, a LCWC Board members, and students from CSUS turned out!:

CSUS students James GSRC 2015

Electronic waste in the creek! Bad idea:

electronic waste GSRC 2015

The 3 clean up site coordinators, Cosumnes Oaks students Devin, Shreya and Nancy with a friend standing in front of one of the piles of trash:

photo Cosumnes Oaks HS students 2

One of the youngest volunteers with a sign he pulled from the creek. Almost as big as he is!!:

Youngest GSRC 2015


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