Mission and Vision

A watershed is an area of land that drains into a body of water.

The Laguna Creek Watershed encompasses almost 50 square miles of land draining to Laguna Creek and its tributary streams, starting in the Sunrise area of northeast Sacramento County and flowing southwesterly through Elk Grove to Morrison Creek and eventually to the Sacramento River.  During winter storms, some of the water reaches the Stone Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

The Laguna Creek Watershed Council is a diverse group of watershed residents, community group leaders, and local government agency representatives founded in 2002 and established as a 501(c)3 in 2008.

Mission Statement

The Laguna Creek Watershed Council is a non-profit grassroots alliance that strives to protect and restore the beneficial uses of Laguna Creek, its tributary streams, and associated riparian corridors.  These uses included habitat for aquatic animals and wildlife, recreational opportunities for the residents of the region, and flood risk reduction.  We will accomplish these goals by educating residents, promoting active community participation, and fostering partnerships and projects that achieve long-term, balanced solutions with mutual benefits to all stakeholders.

 Vision Statement

A community that appreciates the environmental, recreational, and flood management values of Laguna Creek and works to protect and enhance these values for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations.  Residents, businesses, organizations, landowners and government agencies collaborate to create solutions that balance the need for responsible resource protection and management with continued urban and economic development.

Laguna Creek Watershed Council (LCWC) Work Plan
This document describes the two-year strategic work plan (May 2009 – May 2011) developed by the LCWC Board of Directors. The plan is based on a prioritization of Recommended Actions described in the Laguna Creek Watershed Management Action Plan.

Laguna Creek Watershed Management Action Plan (LCWMAP): Chapter 6 – Recommended Actions
Describes the 43 recommended actions intended to satisfy the 6 watershed protection objectives.  It also describes the interest-based proecss used to select the actions.


LCWC Meetings – The Public is Welcome to Attend!

The Laguna Creek Watershed Council holds general membership meetings on a regular basis.  Please check the Events Calendar for the current meeting schedule.

Meetings are open to all and the public is encouraged to attend. To download the Laguna Creek Watershed Brochure, please click here, or contact us for more information at info@lagunacreek.org.